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Travel Storage Organizer Bags - 7 pieces

Travel Storage Organizer Bags - 7 pieces

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Brand Name: other

Item Type: Travel Bags

Origin: Mainland China

Main Material: Polyester

Choice: yes

How to use the storage bag:

1. Cleaning: It is best to clean the storage bag before use. This can be achieved by using the

Rinse with clean water or use cleaning agents to achieve this. This not only removes dust and stains from the bag, but also "opens" the bag, making it easier to absorb the subsequent fragrance.

2. Drying: After cleaning, please make sure to air dry the package. If it's a fabric storage bag, you can

Dry directly in the sun or in a cool place. If it is a paper storage bag, it can be placed in a ventilated area

Let the place naturally dry.

3. Classification: Before storing clothing or items, it is best to classify them first. For example,

Clothing can be classified by season, color, material, etc., making it easier to find

Get the necessary items.

4. Bagging: Put the sorted items into the storage bag. Please be careful not to use too large or bulky items.

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