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Insulated Large Cooler Beverage Carrier

Insulated Large Cooler Beverage Carrier

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Origin: Mainland China

With Cooler Bag: No

With Cutlery: No

Material: nylon

Specification (length * width * height): 28*14*17cm,21*14*17cm

Material: Non-woven fabric

Capacity: 6~8ml


Product name: Picnic Insulation bags

S: 14*14*17cm
M: 21*14*17cm
L: 28*14*17cm
Color: red, black
Suitable for: outdoor camping, picnic

Insulation package, ice bag, ice pack, also known as passive refrigerator, is a high insulation, constant temperature effect package (with winter warming and summer cooling effect), more cold, insulation, fresh, made of high quality materials, easy to carry, suitable for like driving travel, holiday excursions, family picnics, the product inner layer of pearl cotton laminated with aluminum foil reflective insulation layer, to provide good insulation effect, from then on you can carry in the car, outdoor Chilled drinks, cold drinks, etc., do not have to endure warm drinks!
Ice bag appearance fashionable and beautiful, novel style, the bag is easy to clean, can be folded, convenient storage. This product also has the role of insulation, also suitable for winter insulation needs, is life, travel, leisure products.

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